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What is a V-PAS?
  • V-PAS:Vision Process Automation System
  • A scalable platform with knowledge-driven applications unifying business and manufacturing intelligence

Vision Process Automation System (V-PAS) truly allows customer to integrate 4-20 mA signals, HART signals, Discrete signals, Foundation™️ Fieldbus signals, Serial Signals in the same controller and I/O architecture and has plant availability at a peak of performance that is the ultimate goal of any automation system. Keeping the facility running in a safe and secure manner, while optimizing the production is Vision Process Automation System (V-PAS). Conventional I/O is a modular subsystem that offers flexibility during installation. It is designed to be installed in the field with the devices. Modularity, protection keys, and plug-and-play capabilities make V-PAS I/O a smart choice for your process control system.

Scope of Work

  • DCS
  • ESD
  • FGS
  • FCS
  • BMS

Areas of Activity

  • Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industries
  • Chemical Industry
  • Water & Waste Water Plants
  • Power Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Cement

Vendor List Approvals

  • Iran Ministry of Petroleum (MOP)
  • National Petrochemical Company (NPC)
  • Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade (TavanIran)
  • Certified as Science-Base Company

subtek Vpas Vision Process Automation System

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