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AVA (Advance Virtual Assistant) is a digital assistant that uses voice recognition, natural language processing, and speech synthesis to provide aid real-time reports and status to users through all system controls databases.

Now you have access to your plant information and statues at once, using just your voice. For example “any shut down in last months, what was the cause of shutdown, which unit is not in service, substation status , ...and

AVA can make connection for getting report and suggestion whether you need fast access to information and need to get proactive advice in your plant for better and cost effective operation and maintenance.

Features and Benefits

  • Machine learning is constantly making AVA smarter and you can personalize AVA to make it even more useful.
  • Make an Accurate Decision with Exact information
  • Teach AVA what your interest data is and spell out unusual words so AVA can recognize them in the future.
  • AVA is always learning how to be even more helpful
  • AVA let you connect for getting report and advice.
  • AVA can search and give Suggestion faster than you camn

SUBTEK Advance Virtual Assistant

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