We believe what happens tomorrow is determined by what we do today. We are a science and technology innovator committed to helping customers solve complex challenges and improving quality of life. SUBTEK is a powerhouse focusing on the areas of artificial intelligence, automation and digitalization. SUBTEK plays a pioneering role in infrastructure and industry solutions.

Finding solutions to your problems just got easier with access to experts, locally available services, training, customer experiences, the latest news, and more! SUBTEK is ready to put our industry-tailored experience and solutions to work for you. We are committed to radically improving our process and industrial customers’ performance with measurable results.

Our Locations

Head Office (Tehran) Management , Sales, Showroom, Q&Q AWorkshop

#1 Fabrication and Assemblyof Electronic Boards (Full Automatic
Process via Pick & PlaceRobotic Machinery) Workshop

#2 SystemIntegration, Assembly & Test (FAT) Branch Office (Qaem Shahr) Artificial Intelligence Research & Software Development.

Our Team


Engineering & Design (Software & Hardware)

Manufacturing & Test

Sales & Marketing

Project Coordination

Installation, Commissioning & Start up

Training & After Sales Service

Our History

1391 (2013) CompanyFoundation

1392 (2013) Start of R&D for Design andFabrication of Industrial Control System

1394 (2015)Launch of First EditionControl System

1395 (2016)Launch of Final EditionControl System

1398 (2019) Presence in the market asthe sole Certified manufacturer of Control &Safety packages under SubTek brand portfolio