Enterprice Resource nsupervsion & Anysis


ERSA Enterprise Resourse Supervision and Analysis:

It is a developed search engine and a universal search engine, based on deep learning for video imaging. This software will easily organize the films for hours, in order to quickly find people or subjects right according to variety of categories such as appearance, manner or detection sensors data gathered from IP cameras

ERSA is able to assist operators in order to shorten the respond time in incidents and to develop forensic medicine investigations with strong video evidence, a very strong narration of events and illustrating the ex-path or ex-place of the people.


  • Calculate and detect the physical distance of people in the field of view of cameras in both online and offline methods
  • Mark busy areas and display traffic histograms in selected areas
  • Search for traffic in selected areas in the historical and temporal period
  • Search for a person with the characteristics of clothing color, age and gender in the historical period and time in the records stored by cameras or video files or a series of images copied in folders
  • Record the entry and exit of employees with selected cameras and prepare an Excel file for use in office automation software
  • Registering the entry and exit of vehicles to the parking lot by recognizing license plates and preparing Excel exit
  • Search for a car with the characteristics of the body color, part of the license plate, car size (passenger, van, truck …) in the historical and time period in the records of cameras or video files or a series of images copied in folders
  • Ability to check entry and exit permits and connect to entry and exit gates
  • Ability to introduce peripherals for identification, such as RFID cards, locators or identification tags
  • Warning for traffic in no-entry areas and sounding alarms or sirens
  • Warning for more traffic in high-risk areas
  • Alert for unusual traffic
  • Ability to connect to the database of people related to various organs for face recognition and traffic registration and control
  • Various reports based on records stored in the data center and Excel, Word, PDF, HTML outputs.
  • Subway station entrances
  • Governmental offices entrances
  • Bus station entrances
  • Train station entrances
  • Airport entrances
  • IP Based Camera
  • 4 Megapixel Resolution